Making Let's make lovely shaped rice, bread and Bento stuffs!

Rice Bread Food

Decorating Decorate your Bento colorfully with picks and food curtain.

Picks Food Curtain Wrapping

Dishing Put stuffs and your heart in Bento with lovely cases and cups.

Lunch Box & Lunch Goods Case & Bottle Food Cups

Cooking & Dining Enjoy cooking and dining with fun tools!

Kitchen Tools Kitchen & Dining

Outing Let's bring your happy time to everywhere!

Lunch Bag Bottle Cover


Shopping Bag & Others
☆2024 JUNE - New Items #3
Remodeled with new packaging:
・P-3630 Hamburger Set Pick
・P-3631 Bread Mold Cutter 'Animal Cube'

Former models : P-3202 and P-3208 were discontinued.

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page
☆2024 JUNE - New Items #2
・P-3643 BONTE Bottle Bag 'Camo' (BK) 900 ml - 1.0 L
・P-3645 BONTE Bottle Bag 'Camo' (OL) 900 ml - 1.0 L
・P-3644 BONTE Bottle Bag 'Camo' (BK) 1.5 L - 2.0 L
・P-3646 BONTE Bottle Bag 'Camo' (OL) 1.5 L - 2.0 L

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page
☆2024 JUNE - New Items #1
・P-3640 Insulated Bag Deeper 'Gray'
・P-3641 Shopping Cooler Tote Bag 'Gray'
・P-3642 Shopping Cooler Bag 'Gray'

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page
☆2024 MARCH - New Items
・P-3635 BONTE Bottle Bag 'Camo' (BK)
・P-3636 BONTE Bottle Bag 'Camo' (OL)

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page
☆2024 - New Items!
・P-3603 Animal Fork Pick (R)
・P-3624 Anti-Bacterial Silicone Baran 'Lettuce & Leaf'

・P-3611 Food Cup 'Dinosaur Map'
・P-3612 Food Cup 'Sweets'
・P-3613 Food Tip Cup 'Go Go Town Vehicles'
・P-3614 Food Tip Cup 'Gourmet Bunny'

・P-3616 Towel & Anti-Bacterial Case Set 'American Style'
・P-3617 Towel & Anti-Bacterial Case Set 'Princess Heart'
・P-3618 Towel & Anti-Bacterial Case Set 'Go Go Town Vehicles'

・P-3620 BONTE Insulated Bag Tall 'Camo' (BK)
・P-3621 BONTE Insulated Bag Tall 'Camo' (OL)
・P-3622 BONTE Insulated Bag Tall 'Geo' (BK)
・P-3623 BONTE Insulated Bag Tall 'Geo' (OL)

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page
Our ”Contact Us” Form
Our contact form was temporarily unavailable due to a system error. It is available now. We apologize for the inconvenience that caused, and we are thankful for all tried to reach us then.Please feel free to talk to us anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Annual Year-End Holidays 2023/2024
Our team will be taking the time off to spend the holiday season with their families and friends.During the period below, we will not have access to emails.

FROM:Wednesday 27th December 2023
TO  :Thursday 4th January 2024

We will return on 5th January 2024 to catch up with you.

Happy holidays to you all and have a Happy New Year!
☆2023 DECEMBER - New Items
・P-3582 Pick 'Paper-Craft Leaves'
・P-3591 Pick 'Real Fish Buddies'
・P-3592 Pick 'Veggie Bento Foods'

・P-3609 Rice Wrapper 'Panda Soccer'
・P-3610 Rice Wrapper 'Animal Town'

・MTN-108 Non-Slip Kitchen Mitten (BK)
・MTN-109 Non-Slip Kitchen Mitten (RE)

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page!
☆2023 NOVEMBER - New Items
・P-3615 Insulated Shopping Tote 'Black' Wide
☆2023 SEPTEMBER - New Items
・P-3604 Halloween & Christmas Pick
・P-3605 Fruits Cup 'Blue Flower' (M)
・P-3606 Fruits Cup 'Lemon & Apple' (L)
・P-3607 Insulated Lunch Bag 'Black'
・P-3608 Insulated Shopping Tote 'Black'

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page!
2023 We Are Closed For 1 Week
We will be closed from 11th to 16th August. Let us catch up with you upon our return. We look forward to hearing from you when we are back.

Much appreciated.
☆2023 JULY - New Items Available☆
・P-3593 Candy Bag 'Cats Assortment'
・P-3594 Candy Bag 'Pink Fruits Assortment'
・P-3601 Hamburger & Sandwich Sheet (R)
・P-3587 Silicone Oil Brush 'Leaves' (R)

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page!
☆2023 APRIL - New Items Available☆
・P-3597 Food Cutter Assorted Box
・P-3598 Bread Cutter 'Animal Friends' (R)
・P-3600 Towel & Case Set 'Elephant'
・P-3595 Sauce Cup 2 sizes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
・P-3572 4 Colors Flower Spoon - 8 set
・P-3573 4 Colors Flower Fork - 8 set
・P-3584 Stirring spoons 30P
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
・P-3585 Insulated Lunch Bag Tall 'Black'
・P-3586 Insulated Lunch Bag Tall 'Ivory'
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
・MTN-106 KITCHEN MITTEN 'Nostalgic Flower'
・MTN-107 KITCHEN MITTEN 'Brown Flower'

★These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page!
☆2022 OCTOBER - New Items Available
Check out the showcase on the top of this page!

PATTO PETTO Bottle Bag 'Canvas' (GY)
PATTO PETTO Bottle Bag 'Canvas' (BK)
PATTO PETTO Bottle Bag 'Poly' (GY)
PATTO PETTO Bottle Bag 'Poly' (BK)
☆2022 JULY - New Items Available☆
Check out the showcase on the top of this page!

Plastic food container set
・Mini Case 'Flower' 2P
・Mini Case 'Monotone' 2P

Bag for baby goods
・MOM - Baby Wipes Pouch
・MOM - Diaper Pouch
・MOM - Insulated Baby Mug Pouch

Bottle bag for mini stainless bottle
・Mini MUG Holder WH
・Mini MUG Holder PI
・Mini MUG Holder GY

Two piece set of our popular shaper
・Bread/Rice Shaper 'Air Plane & Boat'
・Bread/Rice Shaper 'Police Car & Choo-choo'
2022 We Are Closed For 1 Week
We will be closed for 7days from 29th April to 5th May. We will catch up with you upon our return.

Thank you for your understanding.
We are on holidays
CLOSE : 2nd May - 6th May.
We will catch up with you from 7th May.

We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese public holidays.
Our holidays are marked in the calendar shown right here.→→

Thank you very much.
☆2022 New Items Available☆
We have released 15 items including four picks.
Check them out in the showcase on the top of this page!
Our Winter Holidays
Our service for this year will end on/after 24th December 2021.
We remain closed for nine days for a fresh and bright New Year.

We will open on 6th January, and catch up with you.

Thank you for your understanding.

With lots of love
☆2021 MAY - New Items Available☆
・BONTE Bottle Bag 'Camouflage' (BK)
・BONTE Bottle Bag 'Camouflage' (GR)
・Mask-Size Poly Zipper Bag Set (WH)

These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page!
Packaging Change (Refrigerant Set)
P-3405 3c Refrigerant Set
This item is discontinued, and has released as a new item with new packaging ↓

P-3507 COLOR×COOL 3c Refrigerant Set
*The ice packs are the same.
☆2021 APRIL - New Items Available☆

These are all displayed in the showcase on the top of this page!
Avoid Counterfeit Products
Copied designs are spreading worldwide.
Eyes picks and animal molds are the major ones.

Since we closed our online store in February 2020, we have been encouraging all bento lovers to purchase our goods in the local stores (official resellers) or international online platforms such as ebay, AliExpress, Amazon etc...

Feel free to consult with us before purchase if you have a link of any suspicious listings to check.


Many of those dishonest sellers post the images saved from our website but actually deliver the fake products that they manufactured in their own factories.
They are very cheap. And, reportedly, the printing and plastic edges were rough or packaging was slightly different with the authentic one displayed on our website.

Please do not get those UNETHICAL PRODUCTS for your kids.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
☆2021 New Items Available☆
Our new items are ready.
They are displayed in the showcase on the top of this page.
Online Store Closure
Thank you for always visiting our website.
We ended the shopping service on this website on February 20th, 2020.
However, we will keep updating our page itself so you can see our products and news about us.
As for shopping, please find our products on other online stores such as Amazon or local stores.

We truly appreciate that you've been choosing us.
Thank you so much.
Closed During New Year's Holidays
We will soon be closed starting from December 27th 2019 to January 5th 2020.
We are accepting online orders as usual, but any orders placed during the holiday will be shipped after January 6th.

It is advisable to place your orders by December 25th in order to ship them before our holidays.

*For retailers/distributors :
Acceptance of wholesale orders has already closed for this year.
Thank you so much for your understanding.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
☆2019 New Items Available☆
We hope that our new picks can give a bit of surprise and delight when kids open their lunchboxes.

We created some other unique produts as well.
The tiny cleaners "Kitchen Groove Cleaner Brush" and "Kitchen Groove Cleaner Sponge" can be a solution to clean gunk off the compartments in a lunchbox or kitchen utensils!

We wish these small things can make your life a bit more convenient and even more happier.

If you have any questions please contact us through the contact form on the bottom right: Click "Contact Us"

Our New Long Picks "PINTXOS"
We released "PINTXOS" collection. The theme was inspired by Spanish party dishes.
Of course, they can be used as a skewer in your kids lunch box. *approx. 10 - 11 cm long

Long picks set of three different designs : Moon and Star, Numbers, and Playing Cards.
(Product# P-3391 / P-3388 / P-3389)

We hope you will like them!
Your feedback is also welcome : )
Christmas/Halloween Themed Pick
We released a new pick : )

It's a set of four picks of Halloween and Christmas design.
The picks will help busy moms to create seasonal lunches for their kids!
Enjoy small Halloween and Christmas in your lunch box.

Product No: P-3373
Seasonal Events Pick 'Christmas Halloween'
New Insulated Bags - 4 Sizes
We released gray insulated bags.
The insulated bags will help you keep the temperature of your meal.
You can enjoy cold crunchy salad or fruit, or fresh cooked pasta lunch time!

●Large Size :
P-3409 Insulated Lunch Bag Tote 'Gray'
*Perfect For Picnics or Grocery Shopping.*

●Box Shape :
P-3408 Cooler Leisure Bag 'BOX' (GY)
*Perfect For Picnics*

●Square Tote Bag with Bottle Holders :
P-3407 Insulated Lunch Bag Tall 'Gray'
*Perfect For Daily Lunch*

●Tote Bag :
P-3406 Insulated Lunch Bag 'Gray'
*Perfect For Daily Lunch*

If you ever have a specific question about product details, please don't hesitate to use our contact forms : )

→ Bottom right corner on the website >Contact Us
☆2018 New Items Available☆
We released our Spring new items!

We designed funny food picks this year, too.
Japanese Culture Pick 'Spring Summer' can be a brand new theme for your lunch box.

We are excited to deliver these funny items to you all.
Due to the big earthquake in Mexico, shipping service had completely stopped.
We are unable to deliver to Mexico.
●Please refrain from placing orders.

In case you place orders, we will have to ask you for cancellation on your own account.
Thank you for your understanding.

We are praying for all those who have suffered from the earthquake.
[Netherlands/Denmark]Shipping Delay
Japan Postal has announced that system breakdown had occurred in Amsterdam airport facility.
They said it would take about two weeks for recovery.
Hence, delivery to Netherlands may significantly delay.
Shipping to Denmark will also be affected due to stopover.
We are still waiting for update from JP postal.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
System Maintenance
Thank you for visiting our website always.
Our website needs system maintenance at the below date.
All the online services will be not available during the maintenance.

●June 7 (Tue) ~ June 8 (Wed) - Japan Time -
The schedule might change slightly depending on progress status.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We will be updated soon!
"Made In JAPAN" Page Launched!
Made-in-Japan products are getting attention in recent years.
Accordingly, we launched a featured page for our made-in-Japan products.

Just click the red banner on the website and enjoy "Made In JAPAN" world!
☆2016 New Items Available☆
Thank you for waiting.
We're happy to announce that our new items are available!

SUSHI design is our first attempt.
We also designed for boys living up to requests from our customers.
Check out the car designs!
We hope you'll like our new lines : )
St. Valentine's Day in Japan
In Japan, girls make or buy chocolates for whoever they loves,
dad, sons, brothers, boy friend, or colleagues...
Recent years, girls enjoy exchanging chocolates among girls.
Would you like to try making Valentine's Day Chocolate like we do?

On March 14, men should prepare a return gift!
Flowers or small present, maybe? :))
We call the day "White Day".
Shopping System Fixed
Since December 28, 2015, our shopping system had been out of order because of a system error.

Today, the system was successfully recovered.
We do apologize for the inconvenience.

We would appreciate your continued support.
Thank you.
☆New Items For 2015 Now Available☆
We're happy to announce that our new items are available!
Picks and bread cutters are must buy items for any bento artists!
Now, our website is full of adorable bento goods and useful kitchen cooking tools.
We're sure that those items will impress your family, friends, or guests!
Check them out : )
Announcement of Prices Change
Thank you for your support always!
We revised prices of all products.
Enjoy shopping at affordable prices!
Start 2014 Autumn Site!
Website Renewal !
Thank you for your support always.
New Web Site has come!
It's clean and easy to find the products you look for,
and we pick up seasonal & interesting item on show case.
Enjoy doing your own shopping! Thank you.
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